Expert Trademark Registration Services – Bangalore

Trademark is a visual symbol in the form of a letter, word, logo or shape. It is an exclusive right conferred to distinguish the products and services of a particular company to its competition in the market.

Our expert trademark agents can assist in brainstorming of unique trade name, mark or logo for your brand; search trademark registry online to find any similar existing marks, and prepare a comprehensive trademark search report with findings and recommendations.

Legal provisions of Trademark registration, protection, and enforcement are prescribed by two major legislations such as Trade Marks Act, 1999 and Trade Marks Rules, 2002.

The primary objective of the Trademark acts and rules is to facilitate and administer rules and regulations for the search, registration, and protection of various trademark classes in India.

Trademark Search, Registration and Protection Services

  • Trade Name Registration
  • Renewal, opposition, and rectification of trademark
  • Legal action of infringement and passing off
  • Trademark Licensing and Transmission services
  • Handle complex trademark registrations, disputes, and litigations
  • Drafting trademark agreements and deeds
  • Agreements relating to assignment and licensing of trademarks

Who Needs Trademark Services?

At CCS, we have helped a wide variety of people and organizations with our comprehensive trademarks services such as trademark search, trademark examination report, trademark registration, and trademark litigation support.

Contact CCS to talk to one of our experienced trademark lawyer about the trademarks registration and protection services.