Partial list of our Patent Services

  • Assist and counsel clients during the developmental stage of the Patents
  • Prepare a report to determine the scope of competitive Patent.
  • Diligent filling of Patent Application, Specifications (Provisional and Complete).
  • Filing of Indian and PCT applications.
  • Drafting of claims for invention
  • Prosecution of Patent Applications before the Indian Patent Office and WIPO
  • Assignment and Licensing of Patents.
  • Oppositions and Appeals

Partial list of our Design Services

  • Assist in Registration of Design and maintenance of the rights worldwide.
  • Screening of misappropriation of clients’ proprietary rights.
  • Handling disputes and litigation
  • Drafting Agreements and Deeds.
  • Negotiation of the wide range of contracts about assignment and licensing of this right.
  • Prosecution against any infringement of Registered design
  • Protection of rights conferred under registration of Design.

Who Needs Patents & Design Services?

At CCS, we have helped a wide variety of people and organizations with our Patents & Design services such as patent search, patent drafting, filing, and prosecution.

Contact CCS to talk to one of our Patent consultants about the patents & design services.