Have you been scammed with Cryptocurrency Scam?

Crypto assets or Cryptocurrencies are the cool, new thing today. It has triggered widespread adoption among the youth. Despite global embrace and hype, there’s complete ignorance surrounding the real value and functionality of the new digital currency resulting in scams, frauds, cheating, and theft. It’s the haven for cyber criminals to cheat innocent netizens with attractive promises, offers, inducements, and in some cases, blackmailing them to invest in the cryptocurrency trading platforms. It is estimated that each year, millions of dollars are being stolen from the cryptocurrency holdings.

Is it possible to get money back following cryptocurrency fraud?

Cryptocurrency fraud is at the peak of other cybercrimes as it causes severe financial loss, emotional distress, and economic and social instability. While these crimes occur due to negligence and lack of awareness of the victims, the organisations behind these scams have a great role to play.

At CentralCyberSecurity, we help the victims of cryptocurrency frauds or scams with investigation to trace out the source of these crimes, and try to trace out the lost money by filing formal complaints to the police, government regulatory authorities. We will help you with reporting of cryptocurrency fraud.

Cryptocurrency Fraud Investigation Services

  • Make a detailed study of the historical transactions
  • Understand the fault of the parties involved
  • Collect and build evidence
  • Assess damages
  • Identify offenders – source of the crime
  • Build a case for cryptocurrency recovery
  • File complaints to authorities

To speak to a member of our team now about what to do if you have lost money due to cryptocurrency fraud, please contact us.